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One of our greatest sources of pride at Al Kooheji Petroglobe is our job recruitment agency. We have a diverse and incredible pool of talent sourced from throughout the region, ready to interview at your request. You’ll be able to access the very best job seekers at a fraction of the time and resources it would take to search from in-house.

We operate with an emphasis on company culture and loyalty to select candidates that are not only skilled, but will be a great fit for your particular company. We know you want someone who’s going to be satisfied with the work in the long term, to avoid turnover. Even very specific niches can be filled by our expert recruitment consultants.

We also offer a range of human resources functions, including employee onboarding, payroll processing, and benefit plan management. From start to finish, Al Kooheji PetroGlobe is an excellent choice to actively bring talented and qualified employees into your workforce.

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