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December 06, 2016

Post 203 SR General Engineer - Power and Water

Monitors daily power generation, water production, delivery and consumption of a government Electricity Production Power and Water station, reviews daily performance logs of power and water station, plans and organizes power generation and water activities, establish performance standards and work procedures to ensure effective and efficient operation of power and water station, Electricity and Water distribution Networks.

Qualification Required:

Bachelor degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with minimum 10 years relevant experience.

Post 173 - Chief Claims & Disputes

Manage claims and disputes resolution services ensuring that the re-occurrence of similar claims and disputes is reduced or eliminated. Provide methodology and the best practices to reduce and prevent the claims and disputes against the work, Municipalities and Urban Planning.


Qualification Required

Bachelor degree in civil engineering, quantity surveying or other similar engineering academic degree with at least 10 years of experience focused in the field of Disputes Avoidance / Resolution

Post 174 - Engineering Programs Specialist

Provide claims and disputes resolution services arising from all work projects ensuring that all claims and disputes with external contractors and consultants are timely addressed, cleared and prevented.

Qualification Required

Bachelor degree in civil engineering, quantity surveying or other similar engineering academic degree with at least 10 years of experience focused in the field of Dispute Avoidance / Resolution

Post 175 - Sr. Quantity Surveyor

Perform regular audit of Work, MA & UP projects to identify probable violations, non-conformities, risk, practices and situation that could cause claims and disputes against Work, MA & UP, as well as perform valuation and quantification of related damages.

Qualification Required

Bachelor degree in quantity surveying or equivalent with at least 10 years of experience in the same field.

Post 176 - Project Manager, Special Projects

Work load includes large and small buildings in Bahrain and overseas. Historically projects have included fishing harbors, the National Theater, Embassy buildings, buildings for both houses of the National Assembly and sports facilities. should have Gulf experience, may come from the private sector and he or she should be comfortable dealing with government and above. Project Management experience is essential as is excellent English and the ability to communicate verbally and in writing in that language.

Qualification Required

Bachelor degree in Architecture engineering, quantity surveying or other similar engineering academic degree with at least 15 years of experience in buildings starting from the first briefing by the client up to and beyond completion and takeover

Additional Requirement

The successful candidate must be able to travel freely to Europe and the US without visa restrictions. This tends to mean a western expat. He or she must be capable of becoming Deputy Head of SPO and Head in 2 years.

May 16, 2017

Post GR9 - Elect & Instrument Technician

Carries out fault diagnosis, rectification, inspections, calibrations, adjustments, modifications, installations and other electrical work required to maintain electrical equipment and facilities in optimum condition.  Ensures safety of all electrical equipment.


  • Receives work handover from previous shift electrician and receives work instructions from Electrical Maintenance Supervisor.

  • Carries out routine inspections and maintenance of machines and equipment and completes work checklist.  

  • Follows PM schedule in all areas including main substations and switch-gear.


  • Routine work and minor repairs carried out with minimum supervision.  Uses skills and knowledge to perform work without supervision.

  • Non-routine/critical work carried out under supervision of Electrical Maintenance Supervisor.

  • Authorized to shut down electrical equipment where delay may cause injuries or damage to personnel or plant as per safety procedure.

  • Guidance and assistance from Electrical Maintenance Supervisor Uses discretion to call Supervisor to confirm/verify results and decide on further action.


  • Diploma in Electrical Technology.

  • 3 years experience in industrial environment after formal training.

  • Thorough knowledge of variable speed drives, control circuit interpretation and network systems.

  • Appreciation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  • Ability to read and interpret drawings, diagrams, and manuals.

  • Required very good spoken and written English.

May 16, 2017

Post GR 10 - Mechanical Technician

Carry out all mechanical maintenance requirements in the area of responsibility in the most efficient, effective, safe and cost effective manner aiming to minimize the down time and to optimize plant machinery and equipment conditions.


  • Dismantle, move and repair machinery and mechanical equipment and install.

  • Repair and adjust machinery and defective parts.

  • Reconditioning, alignment, tensioning, modify, test and reexamine equipment's.

  • Remove electrical motors, inspect, repair and refic.



  • Routine minor jobs carried out with minimum supervision.

  • Direct supervision received during hot work and critical work.

  • May stop equipment where delay may cause damage or injury to personnel or plant as per safety procedure.

  • Refers problems/abnormalities to Mechanical Maintenance Shift Foreman.


  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.

  • 3 years experience in maintenance in a heavy industry after completion of training.

  • Ability to read and interpret drawings and diagrams.

  • Good knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic machines.

  • Use of precision measuring instruments.

  • Knowledge of welding, cutting, riveting and machine shop works.

  • Required very good spoken and written English.

February 06, 2017

Post 201 - Senior Architect

Participate in planning, programming and controlling Architectural part of strategic projects using best practices. Supervise the consultants who are charged with the design and direct supervision of Architectural part of project.

Qualification Required

BS.c in Architectural Engineering with at least 4 years relevant experience.

July 22, 2017

Post - 182 General Engineer

To manage  the development process of engineers and other professionals by devising, implementation and continuous monitoring of their career development programmes.

Qualification Required

BS.c degree of engineering with 13 years experience in the same field.

July 22, 2017

Post 194 - SR Electrical Engineer

- To plan and execute testing of pilot cables and Fiber optic cables.

- Supervises installation of new and repairs on existing F/O cables and accessories.

- Maintain fault repair records and drawing.

- Records and investigates causes of different faults.

- Organizes the calibration of the test equipment and ensure that they are maintained within the standards limit of accuracy.

- Designs and updates continually test format, methods and techniques and ensures that these are strictly adhered to by the working staff.

- Identifies problem area in term of technical difficulties related to testing practices.

- Keeps continually abreast with all technological aspects of fiber optic cables, pilot cables and associated systems.

- performs switching operations, issues/cancels work permits (sanction for test, permit to work, L.O.A, and hot work certificate on network plants, as may required.

- Co-ordinates with water sections as far as the interconnection of F/O cable is concerned.

- Guides and assists trainees on technical matters at site to meet their career objective.

- Ensures that all safety precautions are followed by subordinate staff at site.

- Monitors staff performance under his supervision.

Qualification Required

BS.c in Electrical Engineering or equivalent professional qualification with at least 15 years of experience in the same field.

July 22, 2017

Post 205 - Head, Power Systems Operations

Supervise all operations aspect of the power system and provide guidelines for operation of generation and transmission system, with due respect to economic and security issues.

- Is in charge of a group which controls and schedules generation from various power stations and high voltage switching on the main transmission network.

- Approve annual outage plan required by other sections  or directorates and ensure effective coordination at implementation stage.

- Investigate power system disturbance and also those origination from outside the main system such a voltage consumers and issue recommendation to avoid & mitigate these abnormal occurrences.

- Monitor and continuously review loading limits on generation units and transmission plants.

- Ensure that correct under frequency protection and manual load shedding are set to cater for sudden loss of generation or transmission plant.

- Approve application of protection setting on power system components.

- Ensure the prompt production of management information reports as required by management on the operation of the system.

- Approve annual studies of peak operation, load forecast and load allocations prepared by operational planning and studies.

- Instruct and approve shift rota allocations to shift duties.

- Foresee and advise the development of the group and appointment competent individuals in appropriate position in order to achieve progressive at all level.

- Foresee and development of appropriate training programmes to attain individual individuals to their target positions and continously review the progress of the individuals in this respect.

- Participate in developing (within committee work) appropriate rules of safe conduct to work on high voltage apparatus and system and ensure the implementation of the same.

- Provide managment with information, analysis and recommendation to assist in arriving at appropiate relevant decision.

- Take over the duites of the cheif of the section in his absence.

Qualification Requirement

BS.c is Electrical Engineering or equivalent professional with 20 years experience in the same field.

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